Event Calendar

Music Along the Oregon Trail

with Heartstrings Musical Duo

Sunday, October 21, 1 pm

Hear and learn about the music of the Oregon Trail from local musicians, Nancy and Rob Downie of Heartstrings. Their program includes popular music from the era, information on the history of the tunes, the role of music on the Oregon Trail, and the origin of their instruments. Featured instruments include hammered and mountain dulcimers, fiddle, acoustic bass, banjo and Native American flute.






History and Culture 2018 Summit

The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde

October 24-25 in Grand Ronde, OR

The History and Culture Summit is an annual event hosted by the Cultural Resources Department of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde. This two day event highlights the Tribe’s relationships, places, and practices throughout its lands. The Summit supports a healthy community and promotion of Tribal lifeways through presentations of current research, leading hands-on activities, and cultivating community outreach.

Registration is now open! To register and learn more, visit www.grandronde.org/hcsummit









Walk the Promise Road

with author Anne Schroeder

Sunday, October 28, 12 pm

Join author Anne Schroeder for a special presentation on her book, Walk the Promise Road. This novel tells the story of Mary Rodgers , a young woman who lost everything—or so she believes. Her entire family has been struck down with influenza, leaving her alone in the world—except for her cousin Philip. But Philip is bound for Oregon to meet up with his fiancée, who’s waiting for him. Though Mary begs him to take her with him on the Oregon Trail, he resists. What would people think?

Mary’s plan is simple. They already share a last name. They will pose as husband and wife. The wagon master is a firm man—and if he finds out the truth, he’ll force them to marry, dashing Philip’s dreams of a life with Laurel. But Mary promises it will be their secret, and Philip can’t leave her behind after all she’s lost.

Gain insight into this captivating story from the author, Anne Schroeder.









First Friday Films

an Oregon City Library event

Friday, November 2, 6:30 pm

Start your weekend off with a free showing of a thought-provoking documentary at the End of the Oregon Trail’s theater. Free snacks are provided as well as discussion with a qualified speaker after the film.

The documentary being shown in October is Kedi. Standing in contrast to the typical political media coverage of Turkey, Kedi provides an insightful, tender counterpoint through a playful cat’s-eye view of Istanbul. Since the age of the Ottoman Empire, hundreds of thousands of cats roam free through the city’s streets. The cats play an important role in the social fabric of Istanbul, acting as mirrors to the people and allowing them to reflect on their lives in ways nothing else could. The unique relationship between the people of Istanbul and their feline neighbors reveals the enduring humanity at the center of bustling chaos and rapid gentrification. This one of a kind film explores a local phenomenon that serves as a symbolic meditation of the cultural essence of an ancient troubled city. – from Collective Eye Films


Lake Missoula Flood Author Talk

with Rick Thompson

Saturday, November 10, 1 pm

Join artist, photographer, and writer Rick Thompson as he presents his research uncovering the effects of the Lake Missoula Flood in Northwest Oregon & Southwest Washington. This catastrophic flood propelled over 500 cubic miles of water, ice, rock and mud across eastern Washington, further cut the Columbia River Gorge, covered the Willamette Valley with up to 400 feet of water and left gravel bars miles wide and hundreds of feet high. With color photos, topographical maps and space photos, Mr. Thompson will show some of the signs still visible today.

A native Oregonian, Mr. Thompson is President of the Lower Columbia Chapter oft he Ice Age Floods Institute who loves to share the beauty of the great Northwest. Though geology is not his profession, it is his passion. Using his 20-year study, Mr. Thompson will share the dramatic story our landscape has to tell.



U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree Tour

Tuesday, November 13, 5:00 – 6:00 pm

The Willamette National Forest, in partnership with nonprofit Choose Outdoors and Travel Oregon, will bring the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree from Oregon to Washington, D.C. for the 2018 holiday, by way of cross-country tour involving more than 25 communities along the way. The 2018 tour announcement is appropriately timed to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the National Trails Systems Act, one of the inspirations for the 2018 theme of “Find Your Trail”. The tree will follow a more than 3,000-mile journey that commemorates the second inspiration – 175th anniversary of the Oregon Trail, following a reverse path of the trail.

When the tree arrives in Oregon City, attendees will have the chance to sign banners on the sides of the truck to wish the tree well, learn more about the Willamette National Forest and the great state of Oregon, purchase U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree merchandise and more. There will be free holiday cookies, hot beverages, and live pioneer music from Heartstrings.




Hank & Gertie: A Pioneer Hansel and Gretel

with author Eric Kimmel

Friday, November 23, 12 pm

Join author Eric Kimmel at the End of the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center for a special storytime of his book Hank & Gertie: A Pioneer Hansel and Gretel. In this book, Hank and Gertie lose their way during their journey west. While looking for their covered wagon they come across the most glorious house made of candy. Little do they know there’s a dangerous witch lurking nearby, and she’s got her eye on the two hungry and vulnerable children. This fractured fairy tale helps to convey place and time in American History in an engaging read aloud that helps young readers think about the context of their favorite stories – and perhaps dream up their own versions!




Stitches and Songs from the Oregon Trail and Beyond

with author Susan Butruille and quilt historian Mary Bywater Cross

Saturday, December 1, 1 pm

Two award-winning Oregon Trail historians, Susan Butruille and Mary Bywater Cross will present a special pre-holiday program and book signing.

Susan Butruille will sign, sing and read from the newly-released 25th Anniversary Edition of her Oregon Trail classic, “Women’s Voices from the Oregon Trail”. The book includes an updated and expanded “Guide to Women’s History Along the Oregon Trail”.

Portland resident Mary Bywater Cross will be signing the new, expanded edition of her 1993 classic, “Treasures from the Trunk: Quilts of the Oregon Trail”. Mary will present two quilts from the Museum of the Oregon Trail collection: the Adeline Crown Crawford quilt, and the 150th Anniversary Wagon Train Quilt, made in 1993 and signed by everyone who walked the Trail across Oregon. Neither quilt has been recently shown to the public.



A Glimpse Into History

with author Michael McCloskey

Saturday, January 19, 1 pm

A Glimpse into History is a winner of top awards from the Great Northwest Book Festival and the Independent Booksellers Association. It features the words of over ninety figures who transformed Oregon into the premier “green” state. They shaped the culture that saw value in nature and triggered demands for policies to protect it. Through their inspiring words, their presence is still felt.

Earning degrees at Harvard (B.A.) and from the University of Oregon (J.D.), Michael McCloskey led the Sierra Club as executive director and chairman during pivotal phases of getting framework laws enacted nationally to protect the environment. After a forty-year career with the Sierra Club, he chaired Portland’s Heritage Trees program for eight years. He still lives in Portland and recently authored the award-winning Conserving Oregon’s Environment: Breakthroughs That Made History and Oregon: A State that Stands Out.


Author Presentation from Steve Arndt

Saturday, February 16th, 12 pm

Steve Arndt, author of the series “Oregon Ghost Towns, A-Z”, will present on his newest book, “Oregon: Uncommon Facts & Unique Information”. Who was the first US President to visit the state of Oregon? How many shipwrecks have happened along the Oregon Coast? What counties grow the most cherries? Who was the first known victim of a shark bite in Oregon? The answers to these questions and hundreds more are found in this entertaining and interesting book. “Oregon – Uncommon Facts & Unique Information” prompts a spirit of adventure, head scratching, and comments of “I did not know that!” on every page.